Why Inpatient Drug Rehabs Panama City Beach, Florida?

Recovery Bay Experience and Qualifications

Recovery Bay has well-qualified Doctors with experience in drug and alcohol addiction. They have many years of experience of guiding individuals in the grips of addiction. We understand the toll that it has fiercely put on your life. This is a fight you cannot do alone. We provide the tools and guidance for you to get your life back under control.

Before entering residential treatment, you most likely went through a drug or alcohol detox process. However, unlike many other rehabilitation centers, Recovery Bay offers a comprehensive, holistic assessment and your treatment plan should be developed here. We carefully map out a detailed treatment plan that ensures long-term recovery.

This plan should address several addiction treatment strategies:

Address Co-Occurring Disorders

Relapse Prevention Educational Plan

If Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) is Needed

Individual Substance Abuse Counseling

Group Counseling

Family Counseling

Mental Health/Trauma Counseling

Holistic Wellness Programs Addressing Mind, Body & Spirit

What is Addiction Treatment?

When you first call our recovery experts, we carefully evaluate the level of severity on your drug addiction. At Recovery Bay we take the time to understand the entire picture. Our intake team can help you understand many things about your drug or alcohol addiction that you may or may not realize. Some of these areas include:

  • Evaluation of your medical health
  • Assessment of mental health – Are there co-occurring disorders? These are often present with addiction.
  • Complete history of drug use
  • Is it drug abuse or drug dependence?
  • Have you experienced relapse, or are at high risk of relapse from drugs or alcohol?
  • Do you have a healthy and supportive home environment?
  • How does your lifestyle impact your choices?

The addiction treatment patient access team carefully and gently gather the needed information. With this information they can tell you what type of substance abuse treatment you may need. This may be detox, inpatient, intensive outpatient and sober homes.

Why Are Co-occurring Disorders Critical?

Recovery Bay knows co-occurring disorders are at the center of drug and alcohol addiction. If these behavioral health issues are not properly addressed, it drastically reduces the chances for long-term recovery. These are most likely the triggers to your substance abuse issues. Often individuals do not realize these even exist for them. Getting educated on these duel diagnosis issues is critical in getting healthy. Some of the co-occurring disorders include:

  • Depression
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Schizophrenia
  • Anxiety
  • Panic disorder
  • Social anxiety
  • Obsessive disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Many times treatment centers will miss these diagnoses because they are difficult to correctly assess. Drug and alcohol addiction can often cover up the co-occurring disorders making it look like addiction is the core symptom and vice versa. This is the reason why so many people do not seek help for mental disorders. Getting carefully evaluated by a professional is critical to overall mental health and in the fight against addiction.

Substance Abuse Needed Tools

At our centers we focus on the needed tools for long-term recovery. Our experienced and credentialed substance abuse counselors know the struggles you deal with every day. Fighting addiction eventually gets exhausting until there is little hope left. They gently break down those walls and open the door to long-term recovery.

While in residential or inpatient addiction treatment the first step is stabilization. This must occur in three main areas; emotionally, physically, and psychologically. These are needed to make sure you are ready to learn the tools needed in dealing with substance abuse. Each day you wake up while attending inpatient care you get a list of activities, appointments, counseling sessions and services from your detailed treatment plan.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse provides detailed information on evidence-based drug and alcohol addiction. Evidence based addiction treatment care provides the highest chances of long-term recovery. While at our facility you will be introduced to the disease model of addiction.

How Long is Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Care?

Typically, the stay at our center can be from 30 days to 90-days. During this time your physical and mental status has been adapted and you are ready for the next stage. You should have received an education on addiction and have a better understanding of how it has controlled your life. TThe co-occurring disorders should be out in the open with a plan to help you properly address these core issues. In addition, you will have some relapse prevention skills for your arsenal.

The biggest obstacle in residential substance abuse treatment is resistance. Think of it as when you try to break a horse. They are wild and uncontrollable without any knowledge of it. Once you gain their trust, you can build a relationship and the you horse is tamed. Once you lose resistance many doors to long-term recovery begin to open. You get control of your life and relationships start coming back. Recovery Bay addresses mind, body and spirit through innovative, proven holistic programs. Your dependence on drugs and alcohol starts to weaken. You start getting feelings of euphoria and the vision of a happy and healthy life.

So, Why Recovery Bay?


Our center is where you can get your life back on track. Our qualified physicians evaluate and provide a detailed addiction treatment plan. This is carried out with our credentialed substance abuse counselors.

Recovery Bay uses the latest evidence-based models, including holistic wellness programs to fight drug and alcohol addiction. These provide the highest chances of long-term recovery. This combined with relapse prevention strategies prepares you for the next stage of care. Addiction is individualized to your specific situation and needs. These will determine the next stages which may be intensive outpatient, outpatient and/or sober homes.

Long-term recovery is possible, we see it every day with our clients. The biggest joy we get is witnessing, firsthand, our clients on long-term recovery. This can be yours if you take that first and most important step. Give us a call today (850) 588-4426 we will gently guide you to a happy and healthy life.

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